Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend recap and mingle monday!

Happy Monday, my friends!!

I'm finally back from my busy week and even busier weekend!
I wish I had something super exciting I could share about my weekend, but I spent most of it studying...ugh
I did however get to attend a beautiful wedding shower for two of the sweetest people I know - my good friends Trey & Danielle! They're getting married on May 19th and I am SO excited for them! ..and Pierce and I have the privilege of being in their wedding!
one of their engagement pictures!
summer 2010 - all four of us at Dirty Dick's Crab House

 Now on to Mingle Monday with Meg at Life of Meg!

Mingle 240

Today's question is: What is your OCD habit? Do you have one?

Sadly, I have more OCD habits that I can count. My worst one is probably that I have to write everything down. Pierce makes fun of me all the time because he says I can't function unless I have my whole day planned out by the minute. Most people would call my life "predictable" and "boring," but I like it that way. Last-minute plans and changes freak me out!

What's your worst OCD habit? Link up with Meg and share!


  1. I feel the same way about writing stuff down! I even keep a little notebook with me to keep lists. It just clears the brain somehow.

    Stopping by from MM!

  2. I write everything down too! I seriously have post-it notes all over my office, even on the walls, ha!


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