Thursday, April 12, 2012

things that bother me

Happpppy Thursday, beautiful people! 

Before I get started..let me just go ahead and put it out there that I consider myself a generally happy person. I smile and laugh a lot and I try to make the best out of every situation. 
HOWEVER, there are quite a few things that bother me. And I mean REALLY bother me. Everyone has pet peeves, right?.. maybe I'm just crazy. Anywho, here are some things that just get under my skin:

1. When people post their whole lives on twitter and facebook. Yes, I know that sounds stupid because I post mine on my blog..but this is a BLOG. That's what BLOGS are for. Facebook and twitter are for socializing..NOT telling the whole world every single detail of your life. Nobody cares. Sorry I'm not sorry.

2. While I'm on the subject of facebook, let me just add that its also annoying when people take like 100 mirror pictures of themselves and upload them ALL. Last time I checked, you still look the same.

3. When people are talking about something they don't care about and say "I could care less." That makes no sense. If you could care less, that means that you do care. What they really mean to say is "I couldn't care less." If you can't care less, that means you DON'T care.

4. When someone walks into class 20 minutes late, sits beside you, texts for like 5 minutes, and interrupts you taking notes to ask for a pen and paper. 'nuff said.

5. When people wear wallabees with skinny jeans
not cute
 6. When people don't hold the door. I'm not expecting people to stand there and hold it for someone who is 10 seconds behind them. But if someone is right behind you, holding the door open is common courtesy...or is it just southern hospitality? Either way, it should be done.

That's about all I can think of right now, although this is nowhere near a complete list.

I really hope you guys don't think I'm a mean and horrible person now..I promise I'm not!

Someone please tell me that I'm not crazy and that at least one of these things bothers you too! And while you're at it, feel free to share your biggest pet peeves!
 ..even if one of them may be when people blog about things that bother them ;)

I hope the rest of your Thursday is fantastic!



  1. WHAT? Not a single comment on this hilarious post? Well, yippee, let me be the first!

    Where do I begin? Oh. I know! NO! You are NOT crazy for these things bothering you. Lol.

    I, for one, have a ton of things against FB anyway (kind of like I love to hate it...though hate is a very strong word. Let's use abhor. Yes, that's better. Ha!) But seriously, everything you said about FB = true! I have a saying:
    "Those who can't, FACEBOOK. Those who can, BLOG."

    Haha! I just think it takes a lot more creativity and skill to blog than it does to randomly "like" a bajillion things, have "friends" with those who 1/2 of which are likely "frenemies" and you're right...if someone wants to read your life stuff on your blog, they can get on and read. I think a lot of people are waaaaay too open on FB.

    (Did I go too far? [sheepish grin] Just so you know, I used to be on FB and most my family still is. FB can be used for good, but mostly I just want to punch it. Lol.)

    Moving on...I live in Miami. That's code for: NO COMMON COURTESY. Holding doors open is practically unheard of, among other thinsg that should be "normal". So, I totally get that one.

    As for the "I could care less" thing. YESSSSSS! I thought I was the only soul on the planet to understand how incorrect that phrase is. Now there are at least two. :)

    The whole coming to class late (or church, or whatever it is)...and bascially causing disruptions. So, soooo rude. Definite pet peeve.

    The skinny jeans/shoes. Oh. My. There are no words.

    Haha. Love this post. ;)
    And thanks for following my blog. Clicking to follow!

    P.S. Just FYI: Did you know your word verification for comments is on? It's the new default with the new dashboard changes with Blogger. Grrr. I had to find out the hard one told me. I wrote a funny post on it recently. ;) Just letting you know in case you didn't realize it!

  2. Well you already know that ALL of these bother me as well.
    But on the facebook forgot when people upload a picture of themselves and caption it "ugly" or "I dont like this, but oh well"
    If you REALLY thought you were ugly or didn't like wouldn't have posted it.
    Whew, I feel much butter.

  3. Bahahahah love this post! Stopped over from Gail's blog! All great points :)

  4. Jordan, were we best friends in another life?? Oh my goodness, all of those things bother me. Not gonna lie, I've caught myself saying, "I could care less...," while thinking, 'This doesn't make sense.' At least I caught it, right?
    HATE (yes hate) it when people put a million self portraits on fb. Seriously? How is it any different. Also, I've contemplated hiding this "friend's" posts because she still does the pursed lips pose in all of her pictures. And she is a MOM! With an 8 YEAR OLD SON! I mean, come on!
    Ok. Done. I really could go on and on, but I better not. Found you through Gail @ Sophisticated Steps and am clicking to follow you! :)

  5. You dislike all the same things as me! Facebook...what a great topic to start your list of things you can't stand! One that note, I can't stand when people overflow the newsfeed with shared pictures! There really is a limit people, any more than 10 in a row and it is an automatic that I WILL hide them, haha!


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