Thursday, May 3, 2012

sunshine & summertime!

Hello, my lovelies!!

I sincerely apologize for my extremely long leave of absence from this blog, but I AM DONE WITH FINALS AND IT IS SUMMERTIME FOR MEEEEE! Sorry...I'm just excited :)

Anywho, I have a few pictures to share with you ladies (and gents?) to let y'all know what I've been up to!

For me, moving back home for the summer involves an extremely junky room, a ridiculously full closet, and just a big huge MESS.
yes..those things against the wall are shoeboxes and those things against the other wall are trash bags.
 This huge mess and tons of clothes called for an immediate closet-cleaning. Sadly I didn't take a picture of my closet before cleaning it..but trust me, you probably didn't want to see it anyway. So eleven trash bags later, here are a couple post-closet-cleaning photos:

sorry..forgot to rotate it. just tilt your head to the right ;)

These two pictures were obviously taken before I finished unpacking my clothes, so my closet is a lot fuller now..but still neat and organized :)

 Oh and y'all..check out this forecast. Aside from the thunderstorms (which probably won't last long if they even happen at all), it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. What an amazing start to summer break. Ahhhhhhh

In celebration of the end of the semester and this wonderful weather, the man and I spent the whole day layin' out by the pool! It was amazing.

I hope the weather is just as nice wherever you may be! :)
Have a wonderful Friday!

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